Friday, September 5, 2008

Robert De Niro has refused to play together with Mel Gibson.

Robert De Niro, has refused a role in thriller Martin Campbell "Edge of Darkness", writes Variety. It is necessary to note, that shootings of a picture have begun on August, 18th. It was supposed, that in "Edge of Darkness" De Niro the role of the operative of special services which have sent will play "to clean" the proof of murder of the young woman. The father of a victim, the Boston policeman who begins own investigation of death of the daughter - in a picture plays Mel Gibson. Now Martin Campbell it is necessary to find the actor on replacement Robert De Niro. For Mel Gibson film becomes returning to the big screen. Also we shall remind that last tapes which he has played leaging roles, there were pictures " WE WERE SOLDIERS " and "Signs." Martin Campbell has removed a six-hour serial "Edge of Darkness" in 1985 for telechannel BBC. William Monahan, is got by "Oscar" for job above picture Martin Scorsese "The Departed", has written the script of film.

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