Saturday, September 27, 2008

John Travolta and Luc Besson there will be one more insurgent.

Celebrity News & New Cinema Trailer 2009

Recently it became known, that Luc Besson has borrowed in producing of a spy thriller «From Paris with love» where a leaging role will execute John Travolta. The actor becomes in the future picture the American confidential agent who comes to Paris with very dangerous mission and is unexpectedly crossed in the business with the young employee of embassy that leads to unpredictable result. Most likely, after success of films «Transporter» and «Taken», Luc Besson has decided to give more attention to producing of insurgents about special agents to which roles slightly grown dull or still not ripened film celebrities, as a rule, are invited. Shootings of the new insurgent have already begun, and they pass in Paris and its vicinities. As the director of a picture has been chosen Pierre Morel. The friend has been invited To a role of the employee of embassy, for example, on «MATCH POINT» WOODY ALLEN, JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS. The output of a picture «From Paris with love», with modest enough, to measures of the Hollywood actions, the budget - 55 million dollars, is planned for March, 2009. We need with to wait for this miracle of a cinema.)

Celebrity News & New Cinema Trailer 2009

Friday, September 5, 2008

Robert De Niro has refused to play together with Mel Gibson.

Robert De Niro, has refused a role in thriller Martin Campbell "Edge of Darkness", writes Variety. It is necessary to note, that shootings of a picture have begun on August, 18th. It was supposed, that in "Edge of Darkness" De Niro the role of the operative of special services which have sent will play "to clean" the proof of murder of the young woman. The father of a victim, the Boston policeman who begins own investigation of death of the daughter - in a picture plays Mel Gibson. Now Martin Campbell it is necessary to find the actor on replacement Robert De Niro. For Mel Gibson film becomes returning to the big screen. Also we shall remind that last tapes which he has played leaging roles, there were pictures " WE WERE SOLDIERS " and "Signs." Martin Campbell has removed a six-hour serial "Edge of Darkness" in 1985 for telechannel BBC. William Monahan, is got by "Oscar" for job above picture Martin Scorsese "The Departed", has written the script of film.

Columbia Pictures has decided to remove "Ghostbusters 3"

Columbia Pictures has decided to remove the third part "Ghostbusters 3", informs Variety. The studio has employed producers of a serial "The Office" Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky as scripwriters of a picture in which again will play Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. However, contracts with actors will not be signed before end of job above the script. We shall remind, that the first film "Ghostbusters", left in June, 1984, at cost of 30 million dollars has collected in hire more than 200 million. "Ghostbusters" were the most profitable film of studio while the record of a picture was beaten with a tape "MEN IN BLACK". Continuation of a picture has been removed in 1989. Scripts of first two parts have been written Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd, and the director of both pictures were Ivan Reitman. So soon well or nearly so soon becomes millions admirers "Ghostbusters" can recollect a youth and rough 90 years :-)