Friday, August 15, 2008

Jennifer Aniston it is again lonely.

The actress has left the boy friend musician John Mayer. More recently their relations seem almost ideal. Mayer even was going to after the termination of the tours to make Jennifer Aniston the offer.
Their friends have been convinced, that already by the end of this year they will get married, but, unfortunately, the novel was prolonged only four months. Parting was preceded with banal quarrel, after which John and Jennifer have decided to make a small break to overestimate relations and to have a rest from each other, but this method has not worked. That at them nothing will turn out, the first has thought John Mayer and has ventured to finish in relations. Jennifer Aniston it all over again has very much angered, but now, according to its girlfriend, she is not so angry on was boy friend though and very hard experiences parting. Last four years to an actress it is total does not carry in private life. Married she was only once, for Brad Pitt, and after divorce any of its novels and has not passed in more serious relations.

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