Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The presentation of film HEATH LEDGER «DARK KNIGHT» without tears to not describe it.

Prime-minister of tape CHRISTOPHER NOLAN has passed in a sad atmosphere: in this film late HEATH LEDGER has played last role, and the picture leaves on screens as dedication to him. «DARK KNIGHT» is a next thriller about adventures BATMAN in which HEATH LEDGER the Joker has played the mysterious villain by a nickname. Last night going to in AMC Loews Lincoln Center founders of film and actors CHRISTIAN BALE, Maggie Gyllenhaal and MORGAN FREEMAN have opened action by minute of silence in memory about HEATH LEDGER. After display of film and the first enthusiastic responses of the critics concerned, in particular, and an image of the Joker, warm words and about the executor of this role have been told many. «He was magnificent and improbably talented. He was able so naturally to get used to an image what to play with it it was a pleasure. It is very a pity, that it is not present with us today» - has told CHRISTIAN BALE. Also on prime-minister among spectators and guests of honour there was mum and sister HEATH LEDGER, but and dialogue with press they have refused comments. HEATH LEDGER was lost in January of this year from overdose of strong somnolent, and not having had time to finish job above “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”. Memory of him will live in our hearts.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Uma Thurman it will be removed in a role of the former alcoholic.

Actress Uma Thurman has accepted the invitation to play a role was the alcoholic in a television drama " My Zinc Bed " under the same play of British playwright David Hare. Film is removed under the order of telechannel BBC 2 and American cable network HBO, writes The Guardian. To partners Uma Thurman under the project become British theatrical and film actors Paddy Considine and JONATHAN PRYCE. By the director of film it is named ANTHONY PAGE. Film promises to be cheerful and not boring especially with such actress in a leaging role as Uma Thurman.