Tuesday, May 27, 2008

61st Cannes Film Festival triumph or fiasco?

- Winners 61st Cannes Film Festival-
Awards given Sunday at the 61st Cannes Film Festival, selected by a nine-member jury headed by actor-director Sean Penn: Palme d'Or (Golden Palm): "The Class" Laurent Cantet (France) Grand Prize: "Gomorrah" Matteo Garrone (Italy.) Jury Prize: "Il Divo" Paolo Sorrentino (Italy.) Special 61st Anniversary Prizes: Catherine Deneuve (France) and Clint Eastwood (United States). Best Director: "Three Monkeys" Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Turkey) Best Actor: Benicio Del Toro "Che" (United States). Best Actress: Sandra Corveloni, " Linha de Passe " (Brazil.) Best Screenplay: " Lorna's Silence " Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (Belgium) Golden Camera (first-time director): "Hunger" Steve McQueen (Britain) Best short film: "Megatron" Marian Crisan (Romania). For many judges of the present of cinema 61st Cannes Film Festival became triumph. But despite of everything Cannes were fair and magnanimous in a choice of winner Golden Palm - "The Class" Laurent Cantet (France).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In Cannes 61-st film festival opens.

In France on Wednesday in the evening 61-st Cannes film festival opens. In it to year it film "Blindness" opens the Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles known on film " City of God ". The film which has been removed under the same novel of Portuguese writer José de Sousa Saramago, the Nobel winner under the literature 1998г., narrates about inexplicable epidemic of the blindness which have amazed small city. In total in the main competitive program of festival 22 full-length pictures among which in it year does not have any Russian film are presented. Films Clint Eastwood can apply for the main prize of a film festival (Changeling), (Che) Steven Soderbergh, " THE PALERMO SHOOTING " German director Wim Wenders, a turkish drama " Three monkeys " Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Hungarian "Delta" and other pictures. To one of appreciable events of present festival promises to become prime-minister of the next series of film about Indiana Jones - " Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull " STEVEN SPIELBERG. Film will be shown outside of the competitive program, no less than a cartoon film (Kung Fu Panda), removed by studio DreamWorks. The film festival will be prolonged till May, 25th when the winner of film-display to whom the well-known Gold palm branch will be handed over will be declared.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Scarlett Johansson wedding or a soap bubble?

Actress Scarlett Johansson has declared engagement with Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds whom met about one year, passes agency France Presse. According to the representative of a 23-years actress, she is unusually excited in connection with engagement. Date of wedding is not appointed yet. As marks agency, 31-years Ryan Reynolds which at present works above film " The Proposition ", has expressed intention to marry on Scarlett Johansson more recently. Earlier the native of Vancouver has been betrothed with singer Alanis Morriset, but in 2006 they have left. Though after this information there is a question on that (whether there is this pair the next Hollywood soap bubble?) Scarlett Johansson in general the clear head recently has written down an album under name Anywhere I Lay My Head which will appear on sale on May, 20th, 2008, well and here Ryan Reynolds does not inspire many film critics special trust. And in general it not seems to you that in Hollywood the boom on weddings and if turns will not decrease that in following year has begun will nobody to marry and us to please)