Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Timothy Olyphant, Steve Zahn and David Twohy will meet in Puerto Rico

Today in Puerto Rico shootings a thriller which two person should inhale a new life in career at once begin, and to one of them becomes director David Twohy. And together with it on a set of film «A Perfect Getaway» actor Steve Zahn who too comes back to active job in Hollywood will go also. Steve Zahn will join Timothy Olyphant - that has declared the participation in the project already for a long time - and will play a newly-married couple, together with the wife gone to mark a honeymoon to Hawaii but as it often happens at cinema, holiday appears hopelessly and is considerably spoiled: heroes get acquainted with two travellers who appear ruthless murderers. The role of one of them also will execute Olyphant. «A Perfect Getaway» for which David Twohy itself has written the script, becomes its first picture after «The Chronicles of Riddick» which hardly was have not buried its career: at the budget in 105 million, film has collected in world hire of all of 115 million dollars. So, owing to participation of a star «Hitman» and due support of film studio Relativity Media - if those will take place - the thriller «A Perfect Getaway» becomes for Steve Zahn the first bright project lately.
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