Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"The Hobbit" will be continuation "The Lord of the Rings"

Director GUILLERMO DEL TORO negotiates for a director's armchair under the novel «The Hobbit» John Ronald Reuel Tolkien which creation is financed with film studioes New Line and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. On it informs Hollywood Reporter. Earlier surname GUILLERMO DEL TORO has been included in shorts-leaves of directors which, in opinion of studios, could head the project. Hollywood Reporter marks, that it is not enough at whom from directors there is such passion to a removed material and respect for the primary source which is supported by a solid operational experience above fantastic pictures. Earlier DEL TORO has removed films «Pan's Labyrinth», received three premiums «Oscar», and «The Devil's Backbone». Earlier it became known, that director PETER JACKSON which has removed the trilogy «The Lord of the Rings», becomes the executive producer «The Hobbit». It was planned, that PETER JACKSON will remove the film-version «The Hobbit», but to the director and the film studioes owning the rights to a screen version «The Hobbit», it was not possible to settle financial questions. PETER JACKSON and GUILLERMO DEL TORO are measured to participate in creation of a plot of a picture together with a scripwriter. Both of film, the budget of each of which will make not less than 150 million dollars, will be simultaneously removed in 2009. «The Hobbit» should leave in hire in 2010, and the sequel in 2011. «The Hobbit» John Ronald Reuel Tolkien describes the events previous «The Lord of the Rings». Action of the second film will cover an interval in 80 years, dividing events in «The Hobbit » and «The Lord of the Rings».

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