Monday, March 3, 2008

Trailer " Indiana Jones-4 " has set up a record on viewings.

The first Trailer to the most expected film of spring of 2008 - the fourth part "Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal) for one week have looked 200 million person. This figure is resulted by agency Associated Press, referring on representatives of movie company Paramount. Only on an official site of a picture spectators was 2,6 million person is a record for a film studio. Through a popular network resource and the generator of news Yahoo a trailer for a week have looked 4,1 million person, that too is a record. Prime-minister Trailer took place on February, 14th. Besides a roller have started to include in advertising blocks before displays at cinemas of the USA. Jerry Rich, director Paramount on marketing, approves, that the audience has reacted to a roller exclusively positively. Negative responses were reduced to discontent from forthcoming three more months of expectation of film: its prime-minister it is appointed to May, 22nd, 2008. The trilogy about Indiana Jones, a product of joint creativity Steven Spielberg and GEORGE LUCAS, left on screens between 1981 and 1989, the general gathering from it (in view of incomes of videohire) make 1,2 billion dollars. Trailer it is possible to look on a site - in section Trailer.
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