Friday, March 7, 2008

The serial " The Sopranos " will be removed as a feature film.

The serial " The Sopranos " about the Italian American gangsters from New Jersey which display has come to the end with summer of 2007, can receive continuation in the form of a feature film, informs Slashfilm. Under not confirmed data of the edition, channel NBO already has ostensibly begun shootings a picture, therefore its representatives have already called in peep-show Satin Dolls with the request to not change in him those elements of a decor which earlier appeared in a serial. The rights on " The Sopranos " which has received some premiums " Emmy Award ", in the USA belong to cable telechannel HBO. In total it has been removed and shown six seasons. In the center of a plot of a serial of attempt of Toni Soprano (James Gandolfini), the boss of family to save balance between the criminal activity and private life. In continuation to all above mentioned it is possible to tell that the feature film " The Sopranos " will find the admirers still before will leave on greater screens.

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