Friday, March 28, 2008

Halle Berry " the hot girl "

Parents Halle Berry had rather original sense of humour, differently how to explain, what they have named the daughter in honour of the big house nearby to which lived? This significant event has occured on August, 14th, 1966 in Clevelend (state of Ohio). However, possibly the house was fantastic, well, at least ancient, and all ancient houses fantastic. He was called Halle Building, and in honour of it the department store on a ground floor - Halle Brothers has already been named not only the child, but. It is not known, that has affected a life small Halle Berry more: affinity to this ancient building, or allsorts from east and Afro-American blood. But, as a result all now know this star actress .) which all of us so it is liked.

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