Friday, March 14, 2008

Brendan James Fraser will revive "Journey to the Center of the Earth"

Brendan Fraser is going to "to dig out" one more blockbaster. This time he will present the spectator new film in a format 3D. It is informed, that Brendan Fraser intends to transfer to « the third measurement » a picture on motives of classical science-fiction novel Jules Gabriel Verne « Journey to the Center of the Earth ». According to 39-years Brendan Fraser, he simply adores this history and consequently greater happiness for it was the opportunity to undertake its screen version. Besides job with the newest 3D-technologies will allow to achieve effect of naturalism to which achievement many directors aspire. The picture should appear at cinemas of the USA on July, 11th, all for a week up to prime-ministers of the third part « Mummy 3 » which also is creation Brendan Fraser.

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