Monday, February 4, 2008

Striking scripwriters and studios - in one step from the conclusion of the agreement.

Striking scrip writers and studios are close to the conclusion of the agreement
Representatives of Guild of scrip writers of the USA within the next few days can enter into the agreement with studios which will put an end to the strike continuing since November, 5th, 2007, informs on Saturday Reuters referring to a source which is participating negotiations of the sides.According to the interlocutor of the agency, wished to remain not named, on Friday in the evening scrip writers and producers managed to achieve the agreement on a key question - to deductions from sale cinema-and tv. production through the Internet. He to specify details of negotiations did not begin, however has declared, that their course " allows to hope that the final agreement will be achieved within the nearest days, as a last resort, weeks ".
According to American newspaper The New York Times, the sides managed to agree last question caused the contradictions, - the fixed rate of deductions to authors of scripts of the serials broadcast on the Internet free of charge for users of the Network.
Interlocutor Reuters also has informed, that negotiations between representatives of Guild of scrip writers and producers last 11 days. We hope what is it there will be last successful negotiations which will bring clearness and will place all points in many questions.

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