Monday, February 11, 2008

Died film celebrity Roy Scheider.

In clinic of university of state of Arkansas in the age of 75 years the American actor (Roy Scheider), played one of the most appreciable roles in thriller Steven Spielberg "JAWS" (1975) has died. According to CNN, Scheider has died of the complications received as a result of treatment plural (a cancer of a bone brain). Roy Scheider, debuted at cinema in 1964 in film " the Damnation of the alive deadman ", has received the first appreciable role in 1971 at Alan J. Pakula in a thriller (Klute), and its already following role - in detective William Friedkin " FRENCH CONNECTION " - has brought to him a nomination on "Oscar" for the best man's role of the second plan. Its following nomination on the premium of the American film-academy was in 1979: for a role in a picture (All That Jazz) Bob Fosse. The death of such actor becomes certainly big loss for all filmland, but memory of him will live eternally in its films.

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