Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sundance 2008 Pleases film fans of all world.

In resort small town the Park-city (Utah) has opened an annual film festival "Sundance" which organizer is well-known actor Robert Redford. " Sundance " it is considered a forum of the film-figures independent of the Hollywood studios. In due time this festival has given a start in life to such celebrities of today, as director Kventin Tarantino and actors Brad Pitt and Liv Tyler. At festival have begun the victorious procession on screens of the world of tape Trainspotting and Shine.This year in Park-city will accept 173 films, from them 113 - full-length. The festival has opened a tape (The Laramie Project) in which were removed{took off} Peter Fonda and Christina Richchi. Among other Hollywood stars, decided to take a breath of invigorating air of independence, - Nicole Kidman who has played in a picture (Birthday Girl), John Malkovich debuted as the director with a tape (The Dancer Upstairs), and also known on a teleserial "Friends" Jennifer Aniston, acted in a film (The Good Girl). The festival will be prolonged 10 days.You can download a copy of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival Film Guide. Click Here to download the Film Guide!
This year the Festival of independent cinema " SUNDANCE " becomes closer to simple film fans! To film fans, who this year cannot get in Utah to visit him, organizers have given a unexpected gift. Robert Redfort (Robert Redford) and his partners have concluded the contract with iTunes, and now short-footage films and the cartoon films shown at festival, it will be possible to download for a small payment.

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