Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oscar 2008.So waited and so quickly there will come an outcome.

On January, 22nd, 2008 the American film-academy named the short list of applicants for the premium "Oscar".
Film "12" Russian directors Nikita Mikhalkov became one of five foreign pictures which have got in number of nominees of the premium of the American film-academy.
Also for "Oscar" in a category " the Best foreign film " apply("Beaufort", Israel), the Austrian film "Counterfeiters" (The Counterfeiter).("Katyn", Poland), Kazakhstan "Mongol" ("Mongol").
In the five of the best directors are named: Jason Reitman("Juno"), brothers Itan and Dzhoel Cohens ("No Country for Old Men"), the Floor the Anderson ("There Will Be Blood"), Toni Gilroj ("Michael Clayton") and Julian Schnabel("The Diving Bell and the Butterfly").
For a rank of the best actor apply Georges Kluni ("Michael Clayton"), Deniel-Dej Lewis ("There Will Be Blood"), JOHNNY DEPP("Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street"), Tommi Li Johns (" In the Valley of Elah ") and Viggo Mortensen("Eastern Promises").
For a title of " the Best actress " will struggle Cate Blanchett (" Elizabeth: The Golden Age "), Dzhuli Christie ("Away from Her"), Marion Cotillard("La Vie en Rose"), Laura Linney("The Savages") and Ellen Page("Juno").
Picture " to Old men here not a place " brothers Cohens and film "Michael Klejton" Toni Gilroja have received on eight nominations, becoming favorites OSCAR races.
Premiums of film-academy will be handed over on February, 24th, 2007 in Los Angeles at cinema Kodak.
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