Sunday, January 27, 2008

Johnny Depp "will finish" last role HEATH LEDGER?

Actor Johnny Depp will replace HEATH LEDGER on a set of film Terry Gilliam " The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus ", writes The Sun.Let's remind, this week a star of " Humpbacked mountain " have found out dead in his apartment on Manhattan. According to the preliminary version, the death has come as a result of casual overdose of strong preparations. The exact reason of death will be known in two weeks after studying results of opening.In six weeks the actor should finish shootings in a picture where he played a role of one of members of theatrical company of the doctor of Parnassus, trying to save the daughter of the magician possessing gift to operate by human imagination, from a devil with whom that has struck a bargain.Now Gilliam wishes to invite Depp to finish shooting the remained stages. The source at studio Infinity Features has informed: " In film there is an episode where the Hit takes place through a magic mirror and receives ability to change the shape. After that moment will play a role of character Johnny Depp now it is free, therefore all we hope, that he will help us ".But in opinion of cinema of critics such replacement of the actor could rsave film, but is high-grade to replace removed in him HEATH LEDGER cannot that....

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