Sunday, January 27, 2008

The guild of directors of the USA has named the best film of year!

Brothers Itan and Dzhoel Cohens have received the maximum award of Guild of directors of the USA.
Ceremony of delivery has passed in Los Angeles. To the best became film " to Old men here not a place ". Cohen's chances of reception of the most prestigious film-premium "Oscar" after this victory have sharply increased. Especially if to consider, that on this award the picture " to Old men here not a place " is put forward at once in eight nominations.
" It is always pleasant, when you are praised by critics and spectators. But to achieve recognition of people which make the same, as you, are something especial ", - Dzhoel Cohen has admitted at ceremony of delivery of the premium of Guild of film directors.
Film " to Old men here not " has left a place in the side of other applicants. Including - a picture " To the wild nature " which was removed by the actor and director Shon Penn. Meanwhile, today in Los Angeles there will take place one more ceremony. Awards will hand over to the best actors. There is a chance to receive the premium at all of the same film " To the wild nature " Shonna Penn. He is presented in four nominations.

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