Thursday, January 31, 2008


Matt Reeves, the director of a thriller "Cloverfield", has begun negotiations with film studio Paramount about shootings CONTINUATION pictures. On this informs Variety.The beginning of shootings of a picture depends on in what terms Paramount will have time to finish negotiations with Reeves and the producer of thriller J.J. Abrams. Also Variety informs, что Reeves will act as the director of the project " The Invisible Woman ", studios GreeneStreet Films. However if he will manage to agree with Paramount in the near future all over again will occupy CONTINUATION "Cloverfield", and already then will start project GreeneStreet Films. "Cloverfield" was one of the most expected projects of the beginning of 2008. The picture narrates about inhabitants NEW - York which are saved from a huge monster. Film has headed the list of the most cash tapes of Northern America on results of week-end on January, 18-20th, having installed a new record on cash gathering for January.

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